Sporting groups

Packages created to help raise your clubs profile, social cohesion and vital funds.

After more than 15 years in the business we understand that most sporting clubs don’t have the funds to put on all the social events they would like. But sporting clubs are grown on the backs of the friendships and the comradery  that you only get from being a part of a sporting family. Many of the professional clubs now have compulsory social events that help bring not only the players together but their families as well.  So we have put together some packages that we think will boost your sporting clubs profile as well as raise vital funds for your club.

Our packages help to create a fun family friendly atmosphere that your members will want to bring the whole family too. Events that will make them feel proud to be a part of your club and will also mean they will be more willing to support the club however they can (not just turn up for the bare minimum)

We think the most important thing to remember is that families are just as significant as the players, because without the support of the family you won’t get commitment and loyalty from your players.

We have tried to take all of the work out of organizing these events for you. Being on a committee (voluntarily) takes up enough of your time, and not everyone wants the added stress of trying to organize social events. Our packages are flexible so they can be catered to whatever you think will work for your club. Plus you get an event organizer to make sure it all comes together.

This package is tailored to cover a full season. The aim is to make enough money throughout the year to be able to pay for an amazing presentation day! It includes 3 events one large carnival day, a night social event and a smaller day event.


Event 1: 4 hours - Best used at a Gala day, special event or day when the most home games will be played.


        SERVICE                                                                                                      POTENTIAL INCOME/100 KIDS

1 x giant slide and one standard - supervised                                      Wristbands sold for $10 each = $1000

Temporary Spray Tattoos – your clubs logo stencil included –

this can be substituted for a face painter but they are not as

effective at getting through a lot of kids quickly.                                  $3 each – 25 kids per hour = $75 per hour or  100 kids = $300

Fairy floss Machine plus packs  - manned with a supervisor

that has a food handling certificate                                                       $3 per stick. Commercial machine has the potential to make 200 sticks/hour   =                                                                                                                         $600 per hour.Mark up on sticks are $2.50 so profit potential $375/hour

Popcorn – not as popular as the fairy floss but the smell of

it cooking brings the stall to people’s attention                                    $3 per bag - $300

Music – large pa system for outdoors. Music creates a great atmosphere and enhances any day


Online advertising package that includes event creation, paid boost,

(with access to over 5000 Facebook friends) and website exposure. 


Cost of this event is $1680. inc GST BUT as a package price you all get this for $1300.

POTENTIAL INCOME = $1500 to $2000

Profit $200 - $700


OPTIONS; Trivia night/ Pub Olympic night / Man o Man 

Run at your sponsor’s venue or another venue can also be arranged. Charge $15 per head to play. 10 people to a table $150 per table – Aim to fill a minimum 10 tables = $1500.

We can also include dinner into the ticket price if you wish (charge $35 per head including dinner) and this will be discussed with your event coordinator.

Throughout the night we conduct additional games, raffles and or auctions to raise more funds to go to the club. An email template is included that you can forward on to your clubs sponsors to invite them to play but also ask for donations towards the raffles etc. This will potentially generate a few hundred dollars more.


Potential Income - $2000 - $2500

 Profit = $1450 - $1950

Event 1

Event 2:

Event 3:


Jumping castles, face painting and music and commentator.

Best used for a vital match or event as a way to make your  registration day stand out. For games the MC will commentate the match with exciting music for tries, mentioning of the sponsors, and much more. Charging again $5 per wristband for the jumping castle, $5 per face paint. The potential to make $$ is a little smaller but again adds to the atmosphere and the emphasis on your club catering for families. 

After running these three events throughout the season for your club you will have vital funds injected into your club which can be used for gear, other equipment, or an awesome presentation day for your members to say thank you for their support during the year! 

If this package doesn't suit you and your club we have plenty of other options to cater for your needs. give us a call today for a free meeting with one of our fun specialists.