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Ground announcing 

Take your sporting event to the next level!

One of the services we enjoy providing the most. 

  • Sporting Events

  • Fundraisers

  • Fares/Fete’s/Festivals

  • Outdoor Concerts

  • Vocalists for National Anthems etc.

  • Spruikers for all occasions

There’s nothing worse than being at a large sporting event and you can’t hear the presenter or there’s just no personality or excitement from the MC. Outdoor events need equipment that can handle the conditions, and your presenter needs personality and the right music to create an electric and fun atmosphere for your event.

Our quality large speakers and PA equipment provide a professional and quality sound, and along with appropriate, pumping, high energy music, work to create the perfect ‘pumped-up’ atmosphere. Together with a professional ground announcer who engages and excites the crowd, what seems like a small part in the day can actually take your event to a whole new level. 

We can also provide professional and talented vocalists to perform the anthem at your next event. Don’t trust this very important role to just anyone! Call us at Party Professionals so we can help give your event that professional edge that it deserves!

Also available to help take your next outdoor function to the next level, have a look at our jumping castles and Sky dancers!

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